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FAQ - NVRage Fashion
United States


Provide your name, contact details, email-ID, Bank account details, PAN card and a scanned copy of any other Government-recognised Identity Card, and get your account ready to go in a few minutes.
If you are a designer, stylist, model or photographer and is looking to stamp your presence in the intensely competitive fashion world, NVRage offers a platform where fashionistas can build their profile and meet their marketing demands.
Once you have submitted all the supporting documents and it is verified by our support team, you can start using the platform.
Your account can hold information right from your basic details to information related to your works, previous accomplishments, images and videos that showcase your talent and make you customer-attractable.
NVRage offers a platform where you can provide your information in the way you like. You can add information in the form of text, images and videos in whichever format you like.


Be it a model, stylist, photographer or designer, you can list all your offerings in the form of attractive text and impressive images and videos. You can also list the specifications of your products/services in detail for customers to view.
No, listing your offerings on NVRage is absolutely free. NVRage won't charge you for the information you upload on your profile.
Yes, NVRage provides you with the option to add images and videos of your work. Make sure you add images and videos that are supported by the platform.
You have a separate Portfolio section on your profile page where you can list all the information.
You will set the final prices of all the products/services that you offer.


Yes, your orders section will be updated with the orders your customers have made. You can also update the order depending on any changes from the customer side.
NVRage offers a safe and secure online payment portal which encourages customers to make payments the easier way.
Yes, all the orders made from your profile are updated on the profile page and can be viewed whenever needed. The orders can be modified based on changes from your end or the customer side.


Different users specify for different refund policy. Certain products can be listed under the refunded policy while others need not. It depends on what you prefer. If the product/service falls under the refund policy, expect the cash to be credited to your account within 14 days of the cancellation.
Yes, NVRage helps meet your marketing needs however it comes under a different payment model. Based on the marketing requirements, the cost varies.
Yes, based on the marketing activities carried out, a detailed report will be sent to you on a monthly basis.


Yes, we guide you through organising an event based on all requirements listed by you. The event will be organised based on the marketing budget and the goals of the event.
NVRage provides entire event management and marketing assistance to the users of NVRage.
NVRage is a unique platform which is unlike any other you would have come across. It encapsulates professionals from different walks of the fashion world and helps them build their customer base and provide the reach they need. Right from offering a platform to list all your services to marketing the services to reach the intended audience, NVRage is here to help.


NVRage is one of its kind platform which offers special privilege for fashionistas. This is a platform where professionals belonging to the field of fashion such as designers, stylists, models and photographers can showcase their services to the intended audience and build their customer base.
Yes, you can reset your password whenever needed. It is advisable that you reset your password every alternate month to keep it more secure.
You can always retrieve your password through the email ID you had given using registration. All you need to do is click the "Forgot Password" option and click on the link mailed to your registered email ID. The link will let you reset your password.

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