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Top 25 Fashion Capitals of the World

The fashion industry was estimated to be worth around $3 trillion in 2018. It is centred around clothing and includes the designing, production, marketing and related aspects of clothing. Globalisation has made the fashion industry expand beyond the west and today it has a significant presence across nations. Investors have high hopes on this industry and the initiative shown by retail giants such as Amazon, Target and Walmart for investing in fashion retail with their own brands is evidence for this. Millions of people right from supermodels to accountants are employed by this industry. The industry is staring at novel prospects. While an anticipated slump in global growth can be expected, markets such as India with its large middle class base and strong growth is set to offer great opportunities. The industry giants such as Zara, Gucci, Chanel and the like are sure to expand their presence but they will have to share the limelight with the many startups that are leveraging technology and new innovative methods to make their presence felt. Customer preferences can also lead to more changes as younger and more aware consumers opt for environment-friendly and ethical production methods. Social media and e-commerce have already shown their utility in marketing and these are set to shower more benefits. Older fashion hubs are growing and newer ones are popping up across the globe.

25. Jakarta, Indonesia


The Indonesian capital is one of the best fashion destinations of South East Asia. Vintage stores and traditional batiko items are a major attraction. It's proximity to the emerging markets of South East Asia is a great bonus. The annual Jakarta Fashion Week has been around since 2008 and showcases the best in Indonesian fashion which aspires to be a global leader in Muslim fashion.


24. Florence, Italy



Florence is a city with an ancient culture and prominence. The Italian city holds many treasures of renaissance art and continues to holds great sway even today in the field of fashion. The city is set to be the world's fifth largest capital. Among other claims to fame, Florence is also the home of fashion giant Gucci and designers such as Roberto Cavalli.


23. Stockholm, Sweden



The Scandinavian region is regarded as the one with the greatest human development and quality of life. The Swedish capital is one of the top fashion destinations in the region. The Stockholm Fashion District is an exclusive area for vibrant and innovative fashion activities.


22. Amsterdam, Netherlands 



The Dutch city has always had a prominent place in the fashion world and has been the centre of activity for the likes of greats such as Frans Molenaar and Mart Visser. Van Ravenstein is the most popular fashion destination within the city.


21. Shanghai, China



Shanghai is at the centre of every activity in today's world. Being China's biggest city it offers great prospects to the fashion industry. As more fashion brands flock to make use of China's growing prominence, Shanghai and the Shanghai Fashion week are only set to gain more of the fashion cake.


20. Johannesburg, South Africa



Johannesburg is the centre of fashion in South African fashion where the industry is unique as it has made persistent efforts to look inwards rather than be swayed by international influences. Being in the continent with the youngest population, the city caters to the fashion needs of a great number of millennials.


19. Hong Kong



The fashion industry employs a large number of people in Hong Kong with more than 600 establishments. A number of promotional activities under the banner of 'Fashion Hong Kong' are organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to promote designers and the industry.


18. Vancouver, Canada

There is more fashion weeks in Vancouver than in the rest of Canada combined. It is at the centre of Canadian regional fashion trends. A more responsible consumer base ensures that the industry keeps taking on more environment friendly techniques.


17. Moscow, Russia



Moscow has turned into one of the hot spots for scouting fresh faces and talented amateurs in the fold of fashion. It is no small achievement that Moscow has been touted as a frontrunner to become the next fashion capital of the world when we acknowledge the fact that the frontline Russian designers of today made their way into the industry only in the 2000s.


16. Melbourne, Australia


The Australian fashion industry is thriving and it is all centred around the city of Melbourne. The Melbourne Fashion Festival is one of the most catchy events down under where people spend more than $28 billion per year on fashion.


15. Istanbul, Turkey



Turkey is Europe's largest textile producer. Recently Istanbul has been emerging as force to be reckoned with in the field of fashion as prominent players such as Balmain and Hugo Boss make the most out of what the city has to offer. The city's main fahsion players are slowly but surely making a name across the globe.


14. Mumbai, India



Mumbai is the financial capital of India and the home of Bollywood. This adds sheen to the fashion industry of the city. As Indian models with or without Bollywood links make it big in the industry, the nation with strong economic prospects is only going to augur well for the fashion industry.


13. Berlin, Germany



Berlin is a unique prospect in the world of fashion. The sales here is greatly price sensitive and consumers tend to go for a  tad more conservative clothing. H & M remains the major player. Berlin's economic prowess has not been able to convert into the proportionate progress of its fashion industry.


12. Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Dubai developed into the modern marvel that it is today on the back of the crude oil trade. With the coming of Vogue Arabia, and many other high profile investments the cosmopolitan city has made great strides in the fashion world.


11. Milan, Italy



One of the big four cities in the world of fashion, Milan needs no introduction. A long list of industry giants - Armani, Prada, Guiseppe, Bottega Veneta etc - are based in this iconic fashion city. The Quadrilatero d'Oro in the city houses the world's best fashion outlets.


10. Seoul, South Korea



It would not be wrong to call South Korea the most fashionable nation in the whole of Asia. Seoul, the capital naturally takes on the role of a fashion hub. The K-pop culture powered by the popularity of local celebrities drives the industry in Seoul.


9. Rome, Italy



The Italian capital is no stranger to fashion. Even though Milan figures more prominently on the global fashion map, Rome is no push over and has the presence of almost all big names in the industry. 


8. Los Angeles, USA



The home of Hollywood naturally comes out as name to reckon with in the arena of fashion. The LA Fashion District in downtowner Los Angeles is a hub for fashion activity. The proximity to Hollywood means that you would not need to look far for models.


7. Tokyo, Japan



One of the most advanced cities of Asia and the world, Tokyo harbours a more than decent fashion industry. It has created some noteworthy brands as well. These include the likes of Rei Kawakubo's Comme des Garçons and BAPE. The style capital of Asia is going strong and set for further gains.


6. New York, USA



New York is in all likelihood the premiere city of the world. With around 900 plus fashion houses this fashion capital sets the tone in the industry. Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, Calvin. Klein etc are some of the main players based here.


5. Barcelona, Spain



The Catalonian city of Spain is a global leader in many spheres and fashion is definitely one of them. With great investments into the industry the city has been able to attract foreign talent as well as nurture domestic players.


4. Vienna, Austria



The Austrian capital is home to a vibrant fashion culture. Home to the likes of Helmut Lang and Philipppe Perzi.  A Golden Quarter within the city houses the cream of the fashion industry here.


3. Venice, Italy



Venice has always been associated with art, elegance and fashion. The city of canals houses a plethora of fashion behemoths. It is another of the Italian wonders on the fashion map of the world.


2. London, UK



London is one of the Big 4 - fashion capitals of the world. Home to ace designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jimmy Choo, the city employs thousands in the fashion business. The London Fashion Week is one of the most renowned events in the world of fashion.


1. Paris, France



Fashion has held centre stage in Paris for centuries. The trend does not look like changing. The likes of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Louboutin etc are housed in this fashion capital which completes the Big 4.


The fashion industry is set to witness greater changes with the advent of AI and related technology. A lot of opportunities are on offer and those who adapt to changes can surely reap the benefits provided they put in the hard work.

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